Guys, guys! Pitch Perfect 2 comes out this weekend! Are you going to see it? I have a shameless love for the first Pitch Perfect movie, so I will certainly be hitting it up asap.

My excitement for the sequel has me realizing something . . . I kind of have a girl crush on Anna Kendrick! Not the least because of this adorable new ad campaign she worked on for one of my favorite brands, Kate Spade. Called Miss Adventure, it is a sweet, funny, beautifully shot video series highlighting Kendrick as a stylish if hapless cool girl. I mean, don't we all need to embrace a bit of #missadventure in our life?

Check out the first video in the Miss Adventure campaign here and learn more about it here.

p.s. Doesn't the background music in these videos remind you of the interludes in 30 Rock?

p.p.s. Original girl crush, hands down, Lily Tomlin. She's awesome in every way.


a round up of my favorite online party supply shopsThis week one of my favorite bloggers—Jordan from Oh Happy Day—announced some big news. Not only did she release a gorgeous new blog design, but she also debuted her brand new dangerously fabulous party supply shop. I mean, you know me, this stuff is like crack! Pretty candles, balloons, confetti, banners, containers, favors, you name it, Jordan has got it. And now my craft closet is yearning to snatch it up! Seriously, do yourself a favor and check out the goodness here. The styling of every single item is perfectly playful, including the happy striped awning masthead. I love it all and you will too.Seeing Jordan's party planning skills on display in her new shop made me think about all the other online party goods shops I have bookmarked over the years. Just in case you are a fool for festivities like I am, click through the link to find a round up of my favorite sites to seek out for silly, celebratory supplies.


Totally random, but I love this print by Aled Lewis (who I have written about before here).  Om Nom Nom Nom!
Check out more of his funny work here.


I discovered the amazingness that is Magnetic a month or two and can't believe I forgot to post it until now! Magnetic is a radical new take on an office standby: paper! How can you transform paper into something groundbreaking you ask? You make it possible to stick to anything. Like post it notes on steroids, Magnetic products use static electricity to stick to everything from brick to leather, fabric to plastic and more. Plus you can write on them with ease. Crazy awesome, right?

They offer a ton of colors and types of products (see the mock ups of sticky notes, notepads and bulletin boards above), all available for preorder now on their website here. Now the trouble is deciding which one to pick . . . .

(Want to learn more? The whole idea began as a Kickstarter campaign, so you can check out the pitch details here.)


I am in full force productivity mode these days as the semester draws to a close, but with that focus comes the occasional binge on YouTube (who's with me?!).  Here are a couple of videos I have stumbled across recently that made me giggle, smile or generally forget my massive to do list for a couple minutes. Hope you enjoy!

above | they are doing a ton of facade work on my building right now and the noise is basically like this, with the added bonus of guys in cherry pickers popping by my window every few minutes . . . just a bit distracting, ha!

above | sometimes I feel like every girl in New York is like this; either way, this is a pretty funny parody of a show I regularly watch to make myself feel like my life is reasonably put together (is that too honest?)

above | james corden is hilarious, jennifer hudson is the shiznit and this video just makes me miss having a car . . .

above |  . . . though if I were to be doing my own car karaoke, it would probably sound more like this . . . .

Hope you have a productive day full of laughter and dance/karaoke breaks!


let's get ready to crumble cookie sign

cookie tasting table
Last weekend I threw a 30th birthday party. For myself. It was reasonably epic, thanks in large part to the wonderful turn out (thanks, friends!) and the super fun theme: chocolate chip cookies! And not just any chocolate chip cookies—the party was a 'March Madness' style bracket to determine the best chocolate chip cookies in New York City from among 30 contenders (get it? 30 for 30!). (I was inspired by this lovely lady.)

I ate so many cookies that I had a stomach ache for several hours afterwards. Now if that isn't the sign of a good party, I don't know what is!

In planning the fete I took the opportunity to put together a bunch of fun crafty decorations that I thought you might enjoy. After all, now that I have put the idea in your head you are totally going to go out and throw your own cookie party, right?

Click through the link to see some more photos of the fun!


all saints leather jackets

all saints leather jackets

all saints leather jackets

all saints leather jackets

all saints leather jackets

all saints leather jackets
I have been thinking about buying a leather motorcycle jacket for a while but dang they are expensive! The other night I was hanging out with a friend who was wearing the most beautiful leather jacket . . . and she told me it was from All Saints, cautioning that their stuff was expensive but got softer and softer every time you wore it. Then I went down the rabbit hole.And now I am officially adding an All Saints leather jacket to my savings and loans wishlist. They run from about $440 (on sale) through $700+ (gulp!). I think if I could snag one at the lower price point I would pull the trigger but for now I am just daydreaming about them . . . . Do you own a leather jacket? What brands do you recommend?