Happy (almost) Easter! Do you have any fun plans this weekend, whether you celebrate Easter or not? I am heading home to hang out with my family, eat way too much delicious food, and generally enjoy some nice spring weather.But you know what else I will be up to this weekend? Crafting, of course! Here are a couple of fun Easter-themed projects you might like to do too . . . 
Bunny ears headband for kids

Bunny dinner rolls

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!


So I just discovered the incredible online shop Poppies for Grace. It's a party supply, stationery, gift shop set up in Australia that sells everything colorful, playful and fun. Exhibit A: the gorgeously colorful confetti sets above (which I just bought for myself), not to mention Exhibits B and C: confetti filled giant balloons (what?!! so awesome!) and miniature honeycomb garlands (so fun!).

If you are a party supply hoarder like me or simply want to find something festive for an upcoming celebration, you need to check out this shop pronto! Visit the Poppies for Grace site here and prepare to have your color-loving party-throwing mind blown. :)


I love me a beautiful, graphically designed video (like this one!). This lovely little clip illustrates all the amazing, complicated work done by truly gifted editors to make each film seamlessly soar through our imaginations. Made by the brilliant team at insidetheedit.com (a website devoted to teaching the art of editing), it is surely worth a quick two minute viewing.

Learn more about Inside the Edit on their website here.
(And thanks to A Pair of Pears for the tip!)


Remember me? I am not sure how it happened but it's been a week since I have posted! What?! I spent the whole thing in a crazy work haze staying up all hours preparing for a lecture I gave at a symposium on Friday. Luckily the presentation went off without a hitch and I was able to spend the weekend contentedly relaxing with family and friends. I am finally feeling back to normal today and ready to rejoin the blogosphere!But you know what I am not ready to do? Succumb to the dreary rainy weather here today. Instead, I will be daydreaming about the gorgeous sunsets I witnessed (and photographed) on my trip to Hawaii two weeks ago (above). Sigh. Is it beach weather yet?
p.s. These photos aren't edited at all! The sky is really just that beautiful in Oahu!


I don't know about you, but looking at these images makes me feel a little bit claustrophobic. Partially because I find these installations by the Spanish art collective Penique Productions to be breathtakingly beautiful, but also because they appear to turn their surroundings into animate beings that desperately seem to be struggling for air (let the buildings breathe!). How are these made? By giant inflatable plastic balloons that are pressurized to expand to an interior space, consequently wrapping the architecture of the room in all-consuming swaths of bright color. Lighting these elaborate constructions from outside makes the inside of these balloons-cum-rooms practically glow. Wouldn't they be fabulous to see one in person? Talk about instagram worthy!

Until we can make that happen, check out more of their gorgeous work here.

(thanks to Colossal for the tip)


Have you seen the new Wes Anderson movie 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'? I love, love, loved Moonrise Kingdom and the trailer for this new film looked enchanting too.

(By the way I have a new theory about the luscious 'look' of Anderson movies and why art nerds like me adore them: every second looks like it has gone through a perfect instagram filter! Basically my dream world!)

A couple of weeks ago I went to see Grand Budapest and really enjoyed it. The sets were gorgeous (that pink box scene!) and there were lots of perfect moments of dry Anderson wit thrown in there too. So, when I got home after the movie, I decided to do some research on the movie and was surprised to see just how many people are talking about Anderson these days.

Basically, everyone thinks he's an obsessive compulsive mad genius dictator, they just won't come out and say it.

Why? Let me break it down . . .


I have professed my love for Baggu here on the O.I. over and over (exhibit A) but I am not sure I have ever talked about how much I love Baggus for traveling. And what better time than now, while I am 'out of the office' for two weeks on the west coast? I love taking two or three standard baggus in my suitcase since they prove so useful. They are cute enough to take with you when you go out but sturdy and indestructible enough to sustain heavy wear and tear at the beach. Plus they clean super easily and pack flat! Win win!But you know what my new travel-related Baggu obsession is? These 3D zippered pouches! They come in various sizes and colors and are perfect for packing everything from dirty laundry to cosmetics to shoes. I just bought 6 or 7 of these beauties and I can tell you—they have been lifesavers for keeping me organized on this extended two part trip.See more of these babies (priced between $8 and $12) here.p.s. Bonus discovery! Baggu now sells on Amazon, meaning Prime membership will deliver Baggu to you in two days flat. Boom!