This past weekend, amidst grey skies and perfectly cool nap weather, I went on my annual pilgrimage to the Guilford Craft Fair. As always, I managed to find a lot of fun things to buy and even more fun things to drool over. Without further ado, here are some talented craftspeople with work you should definitely check out . . .

above, Hoist Away Bags are made with recycled sails in bold, bright colors. Every detail has been taken into consideration for these totes, pouches and dop kits—from a detailed label that explains where your sails came from to zippered pockets and drawstring tops to keep everything in order. Each bag even comes with a bottle opener keychain! As a sailing nerd I couldn't live without one of these and I suggest you check out their Etsy shop to pick up your own.

I also discovered the beautiful ceramic work of Kiara Matos. I love the sophisticated colors, patterns and organic references in her work. Couldn't you just picture these on your dresser or side table?

As usual, however, the majority of my drool worthy moments were from jewelry vendors. Here are some pieces I had my eye on:

The setting on this ring is an innovative take on a solitaire setting, no? It's not quite my style but I still think its amazing! Made by Stephen Leblanc.

I have written about Dana and David's work before and their work continues to impress. How gorgeous is this pendant necklace?

Dahlia Kanner was another new-to-me jeweler with very cool things this year. I particularly love her collections focused on dots and scribbled lines. Pretty, right?

Rachel Atherley's jewelry deals with natural patterns like snakeskin and leopard spots to create a lovely interplay between light and shadow. How chic is that cuff bracelet?

I also fell in love with Naomi Grace McNeill's jewelry featuring hexagon and honeycomb patterns. Somehow she manages to make her work seem tough and delicate, abstract and scientifically exacting at the same time. A mean feat with spectacular, unique results.

Last but not least, I wanted to share the work of Martha Sullivan—another new discovery for me. I fell instantly in love with her simple rings and bought one in silver for myself. Now I have my eye on one of those diamond bands, but isn't that petal pattern pretty too? Decisions, decisions!

That's all folks! Back to regular posts tomorrow.


Every year my Mom and I go to a huge antiques/vintage goods show in Massachusetts called Brimfield. Usually we go as buyers, but this year we decided to mix things up a bit and act as sellers! And guess what: it was exhausting but so fun! Here are some shots of my favorite things we had on offer . . . 

Tiny plastic doll food!

Baby ironing boards, toy irons and tea sets!

And how about this 1960s-era Pillsbury Dough Boy? Perfect condition!

We had lots of great vintage board games and kids toys, including my Mom's personal favorite—a Howdy Doody hand puppet.

We also had a big rack of vintage clothes, lots of old magazines, and random decorations.

My favorite, by far though, was dishes of silver, pretty cordial glass sets and funky late 60s-era gold coffee pots.

And how great is this little barware set we put together? That huge mixing glass with cocktail recipes, that green ice bucket!

And fondue forks! Nothing more vintage than fondue forks!

It was a great weekend! A lot of hard work, some wonderful quality time with my Mom, and a tidy little profit to boot. Not bad, all things considered.

And you know what? I did manage to steal a couple minutes to do some shopping on my own, picking up some great things for my own collections, like this mini metal globes. How awesome are they?

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Do you guys have anything fun planned for this weekend? I am headed to Connecticut today to go sailing, check out this craft fair and generally relax. Next week I am looking forward to sharing my tales of selling at Brimfield and all the fun plans I have for the rest of the summer. In the meantime, go out and enjoy some sunshine!

(The images above are a totally random selection of colorful photos I have stumbled across recently and couldn't wait to share; top to bottom, image links here, here and here.)


Hi guys, remember me? This week has been jam packed with fun activities which means I have a lot of fun things to tell you and no time to share it. (Catch-22!) First things first, I want to fill you in on a fun event I went to last night: the NYC launch party for Ikea's 2015 catalog!I have been an Ikea fan for as long as I can remember, so I was tickled pink when I got an email from their marketing team asking me to attend a pajama party celebrating their new catalog last night. I had been drooling over sneak peaks of their new PS line, so this seemed liked the perfect opportunity to see some of the goodies in person.

Adorably, they served cocktails made with almond milk and cookies—perfect for a chic slumber party.

And they had professional stylists braiding our hair. My tangled tresses have never looked so cool.

In keeping with the slumber party theme, the pop up space had been styled with various bedroom, closet, and vanity displays from Ikea's new catalog. I really like the new stand alone pieces they were offering: cozy chairs, blanket racks, and adjustable wardrobe bars.

Of course my favorite was the colorful new textiles they are offering; Ikea fabric has been incredible recently! How cute are those orange striped pillowcases and that colored checkered duvet cover? Plus that white standing mirror is fabulous, right?  

One of the most inspirational parts of the party was the way it was styled. I loved the groupings of products on large planks of wood; how cool does that photo wall or this group of clocks look?Anyway, I had a great time at the event (thanks Amanda for being my date!). In case you want to see more, check out my Instagram feed here and my Pinterest page here.
This post was not sponsored by Ikea or anyone; I just had a blast at the party and wanted to share!