There are some sweet things going on over at the blog "T Spoon of Sunshine". My first discovery there? A deliciously adorable idea whereupon the blogger and her husband switch off cooking elaborate (and tasty) brunches for each on Sunday morning. One person stays in bed while the chef keeps the sinful menu a secret. So sweet! The photographed meal included something I absolutely HAVE TO MAKE: nutella croissants. I am going hunting for a recipe right now.

Check out the blog (with many lovely non-food posts too!) here.


I love the "Carnival" series on sale at Fish's Eddy. Reasonably priced and brightly colored, these cups, coasters and mugs would be a pick-me-up for any china cabinet. Check them out here.


This post is supposed to be about Caravan, a super cool housing swap site made just for creative professionals. Think Craigslist for creatives. But really, all I care about is the amazing pattern featured in the background of the website---a bright diagonal-cum-herringpone pattern. Love it! Yes, it is far too busy for a website background (a pitfall which many twitter fanatics fall victim to), but how sweet would it look as a wrapping paper? Make it happen Caravan!

Check out the website here.


There is some really beautiful new work in Yulia Brodskaya's portfolio. I simply cannot get enough of these bold bright paper curls. Check out the gorgeousness here.


Have all of you been watching Glee? I have to admit, I am kind of in love with it. Sure it's rather corny, but there are moments that are so adorably heart-warming that you can't help but cheer for these awkward naive characters. This clip represents one of those moments. . . besides, who doesn't love dancing football players?

Even better? Awesome music and dance numbers. Can you tell that I would have been a glee club nerd if we had had one at my school?

(In case you are interested, Glee is on Fox on Wednesdays at 9pm. You can check out their site here.)


As you've figured out by now, I LOVE inventive typefaces. Most of my friends have taken note of this and now send me links to unusual fonts when they come across them. Elisabeth recently sent me a link to this beauty the "Chiffon Type" created Tania Alvarez. Gorgeous! Check out Tania's site here and featuring blog here.


The lady behind the beautiful prints at Cicada Studio is a pattern genius! I love the bright, saturated colors (duh) and the bold graphic patterns (double duh). Any one of these fabrics would love beautiful on a pillow or as a new covering for an old chair. Makes me want to go out and make a slipcover right now!

Check out the loveliness here.


There are some really beautiful notecard sets on sale (only $8!) over at the Oh Joy! Shop. Check them out here.


Oh my goodness! Book By Its Cover just featured the INCREDIBLE sketchbook by typographer and graphic designer Will Miller. I love the range of typefaces and the three-dimensionality of his creations -- all in a tiny sketchbook page! Check out more photos here and more work here.


Color Me Kate has just posted about her latest Improv Everywhere project: a yearbook photo booth set up on the NYC subway! Love it! Check more photos and a video about this fabulous idea here.

p.s. If you are not on the Improv Everywhere mailing list get yourself signed up!


Today is my second anniversary and thus I will be a bit quiet on the posts until Wednesday or so. Still, I wanted to say thank you to Karen, Ali and Camille at Sunday Suppers for a lovely lovely picnic-themed meal last night. The BF and I went to Sunday Suppers, a fabulous cooking lesson cum gourmet meal yesterday as a unique way to celebrate the two year mark. Everything was absolutely delicious, especially the chicken pot pies, and I would highly recommend the class to anyone interested. See more photos, all taken by the talented Karen Mordecai (just like the ones above), of past Sunday Suppers at their blog here.


Just wanted to tell you about these two AWESOME accessories on sale now! At the top are the lovely "Wreath Earrings" from Banana Republic, on sale for only $25! Check them out here.

Also lovely? This "Zip Up Shopper" from Orla Kiely (my absolute favorite!) on offer over at Piperlime here. This versatile number, which zips closed to a small coin purse size, is only $40. Available in red too!


Since both my parents' birthdays are this week (Dad on Wednesday, Mom on Saturday), I have been keeping my eye out for cute and fun birthday cards. I absolutely adore these patterned letterpress beauties from Egg Press. At $5 each, you can find them all (and much much more) here.


As you may have guessed by now, I am a sucker for pretty decorative tapes. Really truly a sucker. Hence the major drool action from Papermash's "Tape and String" section. It is delectable and dangerous and totally tempting. Check it out here.


There has been a lot of buzz in the blog world recently about Betsy Eby's beautiful drawings. I love her experiments with different media in her drawings--it makes for these beautifully ethereal line and color studies. There is much much more to be seen on her lovely portfolio here.


Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE this print ("An Alphabetic Ode to Helvetica") being offered by the wonderful Etsy shop ModernPop. Pick it up here for a mere $25.

(Also check more great and elegant alphabet prints here.)


On the same note, how cute would this boutonniere look with the JCrew blazer? I love the idea of a serious dark blue jacket and a little flirty flower pin. And you can make these for yourself!

Check out the directions here.

UM . . . YES!

I am shamelessly preppy, I admit it (I mean, really, I am getting a PhD in Art History). But I take heart from JCrew's styling which makes really preppy pieces--like this adorable school boy blazer--look chic and more like preppy with a twist. I love it. I want it. Too bad the jacket costs $178!

Check it out here.


I am an avid reader and thus my book collection is rather out of control. It represents about 75% of the unpacked boxes in my new apartment mostly because our bookcases will not be delivered for another two weeks. Until I can finally free my beloved art books and paperback novels, I will be drooling over this tumblr photo stream of various bookcases and shelving ideas for libraries as voluminous as mine (pun fully intended). Check it out here.

p.s. Isn't that title great? "Book lovers never go to bed alone." I might just have to frame that.