I am going back to Williamstown this evening to introduce my boyfriend (a Harvard grad) to the crazy awesomeness that is a Williams College Homecoming.  Thankfully the weather report predicts sun, my instincts predict a giant beat-down for Wesleyan (I am sorry, ahead of time, all you cardinals fans.  Bring your ice packs because you'll be sore!) and my costume belies a night of Halloween/Homecoming debauchery.  The best part, though?  All my favorite people in one place!  Here's to a festive weekend!


You, lovely reader, have permission to wink.  Sarah Palin on the other hand . . . 

Any woman who passes legislation to force survivors to pay for their rape kits is not a defender of women's rights!  America: just say no!  If she can't name a single paper or magazine she reads ("I read 'em all, Katie Couric! Everything on my desk!"), I am pretty sure she don't deserve to be in the White House . . . . Don't even get me started on Grandpa McCain!  Have you seen this website?

(Photo found at my favorite color is shiny)


Right now I am sitting in at my desk, looking out into the dark, cold, rainy New York night and, sigh, thinking of glorious Italy. . . . what I wouldn't do for a plate of that tortellini right now . . . 

the locales, as seen by me, top to bottom:
swimming dock into Lake Guarda in Sirmione, Italy
delicious tortellini from Boccone del Prete in Siena, Italy
sun-bathed bed at hotel in Sirmione, Italy


NOTCOT: Banksy's Village Petstore & Charcoal Grill from Jean Aw on Vimeo.

Today, with my intrepid friend Courtney, I am going to see the Banksy exhibit down on 7th Avenue (to be specific: 89 7th Avenue South, near Bleecker).  If you haven't seen it yet, it is only open until Friday!  And it's free! You have no excuses.  It is not very often you get to see the work of Banksy, the infamous stencil art graffiti artist, in live action.  For more information visit the official webpage of the "shop" here.


I can't do it anymore.  I miss the blogosphere too much!  Now, with my workload at the Institute of Fine Arts taking up 99% of my energy and 99.9% of my intellectual prowess, I can not promise regular posts.  However, and this is a big however, I can promise inspiration!  I can promise lovely artwork (which, thankfully, I come across everyday!), beautiful interiors, and fun products.  Now you just have to agree to check in every once in a while . . . I won't let you down!

p.s. Isn't this photograph beautiful? Sophie Cuvelier's Garlands need to be ALL OVER MY HOUSE!