Oh my goodness (insert excited giggles here)! I just got an email about Baby Gap's latest capsule collection based on—wait for it!—the famous children's book Paddington Bear. After a little research I found these studio shots of babies sporting the new clothes and (holy cow!) I almost fell off the chair from cuteness overload! Seriously, the bear sweater? The yellow boots? The blue toggle jacket? Eeee!

Now it's too bad there are no little nephews, nieces, or babies in my life to dress up in these sweet outfits. But in case you do have a tiny person to spoil head over to Baby Gap here to snatch them up for yourself. (Also check out the adorable promo video here).

Have a fabulous weekend!


The other day I was aimlessly browsing the websites of my favorite graphic designers—you know as true nerds are wont to do—and I rediscovered the beautiful online portfolio of Paul Rand. Don't know Paul Rand? Well he designed some of the world's most famous logos (ABC, and IBM to name a few) and countless magazine spreads and covers. He was a legend!

The best part of the website? The iPhone wallpaper downloads of some of Rand's iconic designs. So if your phone needs a pretty pick-me-up, head over here to grab some of the (free) goodness for yourself.


I have just discovered the incredible portfolio of French photographer Laurent Chehere and, well, I am obsessed. These magical floating house images are fantastic, no? 

Also, his portraits are gritty and soulful.

His sense of contrast and texture is incredible.

And, of course the coup de grace for me is the color. Look at these playing field photos (swoon)!

Check out more of his beautiful work here.


Every woman has her secrets, tricks, and habits. As ladies go I am extremely low maintenance—I hate blow drying my hair (it's too thick and thus drying takes forever), prefer a t-shirt and jeans to heels any day, and can only stand the most basic of beauty routines.Because of that, I make a serious effort to find products that are simple to apply/use but still make you look and feel lovely. Just in case you are looking for some inspiration (maybe in time for Valentine's Day?) here are some of my can't-live-without beauty products.
one | cover girl outlast nail polish, approx. $3.50, this can go a whole week without chips and comes in a wide range of fun colorstwo | shea butter hand cream from l'occitane, $12 for 1 ounce, I can't go to sleep without lathering this on my dry winter hands; worth every penny!three | aveda wooden paddle brush, $20, having a good quality brush is paramount to taming unruly hair and this one will last you years four | benefit hello flawless! spf 15 powder, $34, the perfect amount of light and airy coverage when you don't feel like donning foundation five | benefit there's real! mascara, $23, seriously the best mascara I have ever worn; it makes your lashes look almost fake they appear so long!six | marc jacobs daisy rollerball, $22, this scent is light, clean and just a touch sexy; plus the rollerball is reasonably priced and perfect for travel (or if you just can't make up your mind when it comes to scent!)seven | aquis microfiber hair towel in waffle weave, $17, I use a microfiber towel after every shower and it cuts my hair drying time in half . . . these things are magic!eight | smith's minted rose lip balm, $7, the prettiest lip gloss you'll ever try, it looks beautiful and fresh on everyone
What are your favorite beauty products? Anything I should add to my routine?


Remember this post? Several weeks ago I talked about my goals for 2014. Like many people, most of those goals revolve around getting and staying organized (I am obsessive, after all!) and being more efficient and productive with my school work.

Mostly I have found that physically writing things down goes a long way in keeping things straight. So in early January I whipped up a couple of printable calendars, to do lists, and planners and have been testing them out to see how well they corral my hectic life. I am pleased to announce that they work quite well! With that in mind I thought it would only be fair to share them with you. :)

The free printables are divided into two categories: those that print on blank 4 x 6 index cards (just stick them in the photo compartment of your printer and use the settings for a 4 x 6 photo print) and those that print on regular 8.5 x 11 paper. The layout and usages for each differ, so pick what works best for you and print away!

Click on the links below to download each design. Enjoy!

download this daily to do list (4 x 6) here

download this weekly to do list and 2014 calendar pages (8.5 x 11) here

download this three month planner (8.5 x 11) here
Happy organizing!
(And if there is a specific tool you would like me to whip up for you—grocery lists, birthday calendars, etc.—just let me know! I am to please.)


A couple of months ago I introduced a new feature here on the O.I. called 'Play It Cool'. It is a fun way for me to share my wacky, eclectic musical tastes with you and, hopefully, give you something to jam to while you are at work, at the gym, or just in your undies dancing around your apartment. :)

Here is the latest installment: a nineties master dance mix! This is a lengthy list of all the best throwback hits from the best decade of the twentieth century (in my humble opinion). I can promise they will bring back fond memories and get you 'shaking your rump' again.

Hope you like it!

(Cassette tape image from the gorgeous work of Jim Golden)


How was your weekend? I woke up on Friday with a high fever and spent the weekend laying low with the hubby while we both battled colds. Being sick is no fun, but being sick with your favorite person, all snuggled up on a winter's day, makes it a little bit better.

I am starting to feel as if I am on the mend, though, and am excited to share a couple of new projects with you this week (some fun stuff coming, I can't wait!). Until then, I am very happy to share this incredible project by artist Rémi Nöel that has been making the blog rounds recently. It features a series of photographs of a miniature Batman figure as he explores the wider world beyond Gotham—presumably while the Bat Signal is in the shop. The images are clever and wry and, trust me, you will want to see the rest of the series here. (Also, this seems to be Rémi's graphic design portfolio, which is also awesome).

Thanks to My Modern Met for the tip and my dear friend David for the suggestion!


The other day I read about the amazing Science Cheerleaders and knew I had to share their story with you. Made up of professional cheerleaders who are pursuing careers in science—in the fields of biology, neurology, engineering, math and more—these lovely ladies are out to encourage young women (particularly young cheerleaders!) to get excited about science. Awesome, right? Learn more about their fun, important work here.

And speaking of science . . .

. . . you may be wondering what these pretty little pouches have to do with the field? Well a percentage of all the proceeds from the Etsy store 'Little Bright Studio', which makes these sweet zippered bags, goes to support teachers in low-income schools teach students science. Love it! Check them all out here.

And then last week I saw this old episode of Ellen on tv with a hilarious segment with Steve Spangler. His motto is 'Make Science Fun' and with this demonstration I think he achieved that goal! He kind of reminds me about this show (and this one!) that I was obsessed with as a kid . . .

Check out more of his great work here.

Last but not least, I wanted to share this inspirational commercial for the new toy company GoldieBlox. Like a combination of Lincoln Logs and Legos, these building-based toys are designed to get kids excited about engineering. In the case of GoldieBlox, though, the toys are specifically created to put girls in the science mindset and let them know they can be anything they want to be. Pretty important message, no?

Thanks for listening to this break for science. Back to our regularly scheduled programming of art, culture and design tomorrow. :)


I am not a religious person but, as an art historian, I can appreciate the palatial beauty of cathedrals. Now add on a beautiful installation to that magnificent church space and you really have my attention.

This breathtaking work was created by New York-based installation artist Anne Patterson. It features twenty miles of silk ribbon strung from the high above the nave in the famous San Francisco chapel, Grace Cathedral. The work, inspired by the music and color combinations that spin through Patterson's brain (she suffers from synesthesia), has prompted community members to associate the ribbons with their hopes and prayers, sending them heavenward in the vaulted space.

The work was supposed to come down last fall, but has been so popular it has ben extended until this February. If you are in the neighborhood, I suggest you check it out!

Read more about the project here.


I realize this is a shamelessly promotional video from Bing (I am a Google girl all the way), but honestly, it was too sweet to pass up. Who runs the world? Girls!


It must be something in the early 2014 air, because this week is proving to be a banner time for debuting new post series here on the obsessive imagist (remember this?)! 

Well, having gotten married over a year ago, I am started to find myself getting the newlywed itch. No, not babies! (Though puppies are tempting!) I am starting to get the urge to nest, to have us settle in a home larger than 750 square feet—mainly one with a real yard and more than two rooms. Mostly, I am looking forward to the day when I can have a front door that leads somewhere beyond a hallway (I do make the best of it!). Which brings me to the newest of my new series: My Dream House. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest browsing for ideas for that time in the future when we do have a house to call our own but until then I will have to catalogue them here.

First post: front doors! I love the idea of a bold, colorful entrance, particularly against a neutral palette of white clapboard, brick or stone on the rest of the building's facade. For your viewing pleasure here is a rainbow of doors to file away for future inspiration. Which one would you choose?

Oh, more of a glass door person you say? Well, how about this baby?! Made from Pantone color chips and installed in this creative house, it would definitely be a conversation starter! Just hope you never have to have it replaced . . . 

Happy weekend! I will see you back here next week. :)