Now that holiday shopping is in full swing, I thought I would share some of my favorite holiday styling. My recent discovery is the awesome "gift guide" at jcrew.com. I love the color palette, the graphic design, the layout . . . everything!

Check it all out here.


I am headed home to Connecticut this week to celebrate Thanksgiving. That means no posts until next Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!

(Feel free to browse the archive or my flickr site (links at right) while I'm gone!)


As it is almost Thanksgiving, I think it is now officially okay to start talking about the holidays! I wanted to share some awesome Christmas decorations I found (sorry Hanukkah celebrators) via Etsy. All of these are directed to those of us who have tiny apartments and may not be able to accommodate the giant tree they would like . . .

Modern Candy Strip Stocking, $18, Prudence Octavia

Winter Christmas Garlands, $39.50, anastiajaminhome

Floating Flakes Hand Engraved Glasses, $28.50, daydreemdesigns

Mistletoe Vinyl Wall Sticker, $23.99, SimpleShapes

Christmas Tree and Ornament Wall Stickers, $36.95, Charming925


In keeping with Monday's post, I wanted to share with you the wonderful things Rebecca Ward does with tape. I love the way she weaves the stretches of tape in space, making them seem like buttressing or scaffolding rebar. Simply awesome.

If you are in need of some inspiration, I highly suggest you take a gander at her colorful portfolio here.

(Thanks Oh Joy! for the tip!)


Sharon Montrose probably has the best job EVER. What does she do? She photographs adorable animals, particularly puppies! And what a good job she does! As if I didn't already dream of having a puppy, now I can dream of having a puppy muse!

Check out Sharon's sites:


I am doing some major drooling over the tote-anywhere schrunch-able bags at Flip and Tumble. Even better? The super sweet set of reusable produce bags which are color coded to keep your things in order. Awesome!

Check it all out here.


Because I am thinking ahead to wrapping all those holiday gifts and because I am absolutely in love with japanese masking tape, I thought I would do a little round up of some of the best options out there online. There are some really great sites offering a variety of colors and patterns at a range of prices. Read on for some of my favorite picks.

Wasabi Masking Paper Tape, MoMA Store, 10 rolls, $25

Monochrome Set of Masking Tape, lovepetitzakkajapan, 6 rolls, $25

Japanese Masking Tape, Design Within Reach, 3 rolls, $12

So Many Pretty Solids Pack, happy tape, 20 rolls, $36.50

Colored Paper Tape with Polka Dots, ArtFire, 1 roll, $17.99

Japanese Masking Tape Set in Blue, Ginko Papers, 3 rolls, $7.50

Enjoy! Feel free to drop me an email if you purchase any of these products and/or if you use them in a fun project. Until then, happy wrapping!


There is a lovely Etsy site that focuses sweet accessories--all adorned with lovely fabric florets! My particular favorite is the ribbon belt (bottom) which is on offer for $35! Love it!

Check out the shop here. I guarantee it will become one of your favorites!


Having what I call a "real" apartment now, I am always on the look out for cool table top items, particularly candle stick holders and pedestal trays. I am pleased to report that I found a couple of elegant, fun options to share!

Top: Lumiere Candle Holders, $2.95-$4.95, CB2

(Thanks to Happy Lady Eats for the heads up to iacoli & mcallister.)


TheDieline, a great blog focusing on package design, just featured these awesomely creative barcodes designed by the Japanese firm d-barcode. Sure, leave it to the Japanese to make everything--even our labels--cute and well-designed. Love it!


Something about the holidays approaching always manages to make me want to go out and buy cute stationery (even though I bought all my christmas cards on sale last january). If you feel the same way (or just need some stationery inspiration) I highly suggest you check out the Etsy shop "perideau designs" here. My personal favorites are the candy cane flat notecards (here) for $14, and the mini dot tags (here). Enjoy!


November's birth stone is citrine--one of my favorites. So you can believe how excited I was when I came across this gorgeous citrine and diamond ring! The citrine is truly huge at 12.6 carats! I love how the diamonds interlace around the sides and setting. This would be a great buy for anyone who has $1800 (!) lying around.

Price tag not a deterrent (or just want to see more)? Check it out here.


Oh so sleepy! Monty, this adorable lambswool knit fox made by Sara Carr, is just resting his eyes. He swears.

But he will keep you company while you really sleep. Who says stuffed animals are just for kids?

Get your own Monty (for £22) on Sara Carr's Folksy site here. Thanks to swissmiss for the heads up!


As usual Anthropologie has some pretty sweet accessories on offer, all of which are making me drool. I am particularly taken, however, with their offering of oh-so-chic layered necklaces. These three happen to be my favorites and I can just picture them jazzing a basic t-shirt or jersey dress or cardigan. I can see it now . . .

Top to bottom:


Good morning! My apologies for missing a post yesterday--it was one of those days where you blinked and all of a sudden it was dinner time!

Anyway, I wanted to share a recent obsession: bunting! I love the idea of having bunting strung from the ceiling to celebrate a party or just brighten up your day. My current favorites are the DIY version (top) featured on Project Wedding and the "Party Garland" (bottom) for sale on the Etsy shop iluvsugar.

It reminds me of Sophie's garlands (posted about here) and just goes to show that bright colors and graphic forms get me every time!


Karen O'Leary is now offering, through custom order on her Etsy store 'studio k', BEAUTIFUL paper cut versions of city maps of New York and Paris. Simply breathtaking. Completely handmade and taking months to complete, these works of art would make a fabulous wedding gift for your city-minded or map loving friend. Better yet? Karen also offers the option to have your choice of city cut as well (with enough lead time).

Get all the information here, photos and heads up from here.