I really don't have anything more to add. I LOVE this print by Pop Chart Lab. It's a graphic history of cameras; what's not to love for a photo geek like me? Oh, and it's only $22. Yes, please.

Check it out here.

(thanks to swiss-miss for the tip)


I have written about return address stamps on this blog before but I couldn't resist sharing just a couple more. The lovely Etsy shop Nocciola Design features an array of simple, elegant designs all styled to perfection (look at those vintage stamps and that gold tape, swoon!).

Think of all the potential for gifts—mother's day, wedding shower, anniversary, new home! If you have got any of those coming up (or just want a treat for yourself) check out all the beautiful options at Nocciola here.

p.s. Want more stamp inspiration? I put my "stamp" on Pinterest with this board . . .


As the events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings continue to unfold in terrifying fashion this morning, I thought you might need a little bit of positive energy. This wonderful clip from The Colbert Report on Tuesday strikes the perfect note, a combination of disgust for the perpetrators, admiration for the city of Boston and it's strong citizens and hope for a better humanity going forward.

Let us all hope that this manhunt for the remaining suspect is resolved quickly and safely. In the meantime, for all my friends, family and fellow readers in Boston please stay inside and be careful. Our thoughts are with you.


I am in the market for a new coffee table. In our tiny apartment, we basically use our coffee table as decoration, storage, workstation and, of course, a coffee table. Our eight-year-old Ikea table has finally started to break down and we need something to replace it. Here's the problem: I can't seem to find any options that are either a) attractive or b) reasonably priced. If I like it, it costs $600. If I don't like it, it costs $150. What the heck, people!

So now I am thinking that DIY might be the way to go. Particularly after I saw these two beautiful projects featured on the Finnish blog Weekday Carnival (top: table with Ikea legs, bottom: concrete-topped table). Unfortunately the blog is mostly in Finnish but the general idea remains: take some pre-made table legs and slap on a cool table top.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions of where to find a good coffee table? Or other DIY projects?


As a former Boston resident and a devoted marathon spectator, yesterday's events at the Boston Marathon have shaken me. I have never before seen a terrorist attack in a city I knew, let alone a place that I have walked 100 times. It was equally frightening and sad.

I come from a family of marathoners. Between my parents and my in-laws they have run over ten of them. I have long been an attendee of these epic races, often finding myself with tears in my eyes at the incredible outpouring of support for the runners among the thousands of spectators. Perfect strangers cheering each other on. Helping each other. Marathons—particularly the Boston Marathon, which falls on a state-wide holiday so that the whole city seems to turn out to watch the race—are uplifting, spirit-building events. Yesterday that was shattered along with the explosions.

As President Obama said, Boston is a strong city and will certainly come together in support and healing. To do that we must follow the wise words of Mr. Rogers: when you are scared, when something bad happens, just look for the helpers. I am proud to say that my father-in-law, a surgeon at a Boston-area hospital, was among those helpers yesterday, as were countless other brave people who raced towards the blast sites to tend to the injured and ailing. As we learn more about these inhumane events, we can at least rest easy knowing that many showed the greatest humanity and selflessness in the face of the horrible acts of a few.

I hope you take time to hug the ones you love—marathoners or not—today. Normal posts will resume tomorrow. Until then, please join me in praying for all those affected.


If you read the O.I. you know that I love Rifle Paper products. So imagine my delight when I found out that Rifle has designed and launched a whole range of iPhone cases. Did I just blow your designy mind?

They come in different levels of protection—from mere hard shell to a thickly lined case—and are competitively priced at between $30 and $32. Now we just have to make a hard decision: which one to choose?!

See all the beautiful options here.


Have you checked out the home goods section at Urban Outfitters recently? It is seriously impressive. I am particularly in love with their vast selection of beautifully patterned rugs. Great prices, great colors . . . what more can you ask for? These are some of my favorites but, trust me, there are plenty more where that came from!

Check them all out here.


I don't know about you, but I need to push the restart button. Between a crazy schedule at work over the past several months, studying for the biggest test of my life, being sick, tired and generally anxious about the filthy state of my apartment, life has been taking its toll on me!

But that doesn't mean I am feeling down and out. My exam went wonderfully, I am pleased to have countless amazing colleagues helping out at work, it is absolutely beautiful weather outside and, well, today is also my birthday. Throw in my fabulous family and friends and I have a whole lot of things to be excited about and grateful for. Watching this video reminds is just another great thing to add to the list. In case you are feeling a little run down or just in need of a little boost, check out this incredible 'kid president' (he kind of reminds me of this great guy). He is sure to put a smile on your face!

Have a great day everyone!

(thanks to Black*Eiffel for the tip)

p.s. As a die hard Robert Frost fan, I have to say that his analysis of The Road Not Taken is pretty impressive. Ha, my 12th grade poetry teacher would be proud (shout out, Mr. Tippy!).

p.p.s. If, like me, you can't get enough of this little guy, I highly recommend watching this video of the kid president meeting the 'real' president. Awesome in every way.


I know people like to watch YouTube videos when they are bored, but I head over to Vimeo to watch videos when I am feeling uninspired. While studying for exams over the best several weeks, I stumbled across a lot of cool videos there, but this project by artist Melanie Hoff is by far my favorite. Using 15,000 volts of electricity, which she sent pulsing through a large panel of plywood, Hoff was able to create a complex fractal pattern in wood burns. The result is both mesmerizing and beautiful.

See more photos of this cool project here.


Well I have been AWOL for a while now, studying like crazy for my oral exams for my doctoral program. These exams were nerve-wracking—I could basically be tested on anything art history related from roughly 1850 onwards—but I have finally finished them. And I passed! Huzzah!

So I am overjoyed to say that I will be resuming my regularly scheduled posting. I can't wait to get back to sharing all the fun, design-y things I come across with you. Now if I could only shake this cold I have been battling . . .

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