How was your weekend? I woke up on Friday with a high fever and spent the weekend laying low with the hubby while we both battled colds. Being sick is no fun, but being sick with your favorite person, all snuggled up on a winter's day, makes it a little bit better.

I am starting to feel as if I am on the mend, though, and am excited to share a couple of new projects with you this week (some fun stuff coming, I can't wait!). Until then, I am very happy to share this incredible project by artist Rémi Nöel that has been making the blog rounds recently. It features a series of photographs of a miniature Batman figure as he explores the wider world beyond Gotham—presumably while the Bat Signal is in the shop. The images are clever and wry and, trust me, you will want to see the rest of the series here. (Also, this seems to be Rémi's graphic design portfolio, which is also awesome).

Thanks to My Modern Met for the tip and my dear friend David for the suggestion!

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