The other day I read about the amazing Science Cheerleaders and knew I had to share their story with you. Made up of professional cheerleaders who are pursuing careers in science—in the fields of biology, neurology, engineering, math and more—these lovely ladies are out to encourage young women (particularly young cheerleaders!) to get excited about science. Awesome, right? Learn more about their fun, important work here.

And speaking of science . . .

. . . you may be wondering what these pretty little pouches have to do with the field? Well a percentage of all the proceeds from the Etsy store 'Little Bright Studio', which makes these sweet zippered bags, goes to support teachers in low-income schools teach students science. Love it! Check them all out here.

And then last week I saw this old episode of Ellen on tv with a hilarious segment with Steve Spangler. His motto is 'Make Science Fun' and with this demonstration I think he achieved that goal! He kind of reminds me about this show (and this one!) that I was obsessed with as a kid . . .

Check out more of his great work here.

Last but not least, I wanted to share this inspirational commercial for the new toy company GoldieBlox. Like a combination of Lincoln Logs and Legos, these building-based toys are designed to get kids excited about engineering. In the case of GoldieBlox, though, the toys are specifically created to put girls in the science mindset and let them know they can be anything they want to be. Pretty important message, no?

Thanks for listening to this break for science. Back to our regularly scheduled programming of art, culture and design tomorrow. :)

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