Remember this post? Several weeks ago I talked about my goals for 2014. Like many people, most of those goals revolve around getting and staying organized (I am obsessive, after all!) and being more efficient and productive with my school work.

Mostly I have found that physically writing things down goes a long way in keeping things straight. So in early January I whipped up a couple of printable calendars, to do lists, and planners and have been testing them out to see how well they corral my hectic life. I am pleased to announce that they work quite well! With that in mind I thought it would only be fair to share them with you. :)

The free printables are divided into two categories: those that print on blank 4 x 6 index cards (just stick them in the photo compartment of your printer and use the settings for a 4 x 6 photo print) and those that print on regular 8.5 x 11 paper. The layout and usages for each differ, so pick what works best for you and print away!

Click on the links below to download each design. Enjoy!

download this daily to do list (4 x 6) here

download this weekly to do list and 2014 calendar pages (8.5 x 11) here

download this three month planner (8.5 x 11) here
Happy organizing!
(And if there is a specific tool you would like me to whip up for you—grocery lists, birthday calendars, etc.—just let me know! I am to please.)


  1. Oooh I love these! I hope you make them for 2015 as well. I love the simple, but sleek style.

  2. will there be one for 2015 as well? looove it!