Every woman has her secrets, tricks, and habits. As ladies go I am extremely low maintenance—I hate blow drying my hair (it's too thick and thus drying takes forever), prefer a t-shirt and jeans to heels any day, and can only stand the most basic of beauty routines.Because of that, I make a serious effort to find products that are simple to apply/use but still make you look and feel lovely. Just in case you are looking for some inspiration (maybe in time for Valentine's Day?) here are some of my can't-live-without beauty products.
one | cover girl outlast nail polish, approx. $3.50, this can go a whole week without chips and comes in a wide range of fun colorstwo | shea butter hand cream from l'occitane, $12 for 1 ounce, I can't go to sleep without lathering this on my dry winter hands; worth every penny!three | aveda wooden paddle brush, $20, having a good quality brush is paramount to taming unruly hair and this one will last you years four | benefit hello flawless! spf 15 powder, $34, the perfect amount of light and airy coverage when you don't feel like donning foundation five | benefit there's real! mascara, $23, seriously the best mascara I have ever worn; it makes your lashes look almost fake they appear so long!six | marc jacobs daisy rollerball, $22, this scent is light, clean and just a touch sexy; plus the rollerball is reasonably priced and perfect for travel (or if you just can't make up your mind when it comes to scent!)seven | aquis microfiber hair towel in waffle weave, $17, I use a microfiber towel after every shower and it cuts my hair drying time in half . . . these things are magic!eight | smith's minted rose lip balm, $7, the prettiest lip gloss you'll ever try, it looks beautiful and fresh on everyone
What are your favorite beauty products? Anything I should add to my routine?

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