It must be something in the early 2014 air, because this week is proving to be a banner time for debuting new post series here on the obsessive imagist (remember this?)! 

Well, having gotten married over a year ago, I am started to find myself getting the newlywed itch. No, not babies! (Though puppies are tempting!) I am starting to get the urge to nest, to have us settle in a home larger than 750 square feet—mainly one with a real yard and more than two rooms. Mostly, I am looking forward to the day when I can have a front door that leads somewhere beyond a hallway (I do make the best of it!). Which brings me to the newest of my new series: My Dream House. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest browsing for ideas for that time in the future when we do have a house to call our own but until then I will have to catalogue them here.

First post: front doors! I love the idea of a bold, colorful entrance, particularly against a neutral palette of white clapboard, brick or stone on the rest of the building's facade. For your viewing pleasure here is a rainbow of doors to file away for future inspiration. Which one would you choose?

Oh, more of a glass door person you say? Well, how about this baby?! Made from Pantone color chips and installed in this creative house, it would definitely be a conversation starter! Just hope you never have to have it replaced . . . 

Happy weekend! I will see you back here next week. :)

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