Earlier this year I wrote about Emily McDowell's hilarious line of birthday, wedding and baby cards. Well now, as a cancer survivor who knows all too well how hard it is to comfort someone going through a truly tragic occurrence, McDowell has launched a new line (actually her second such line; the first launched last year) of cards that get to the heart of the matter, providing support in a humorous yet heartfelt way. Battling my own health issues this summer, these cards really resonate with me in their unabashed takedown of all the lame (and sometimes just downright wrong!) things that people say when what is happening to you is so overwhelming (and often foreign to them) that they don't know how to comfort you even when they want to quite badly.She calls them empathy cards. And not only are they funny and honest, they are also beautifully illustrated with McDowell's characteristic handwritten typography. Check them all out here; next time you get tongue-tied by tragedy you can rely on McDowell to help you know what to say.(Thanks to A Cup of Jo for the tip.)

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