Remember last year when I vowed to get organized and whipped up a bunch of cool calendars, to lists and other dastardly printable tools to keep me on track? Well I am back at it again with an updated 2015 edition! Hat tip to my favorite Austrian reader, Julia, for putting in the request for these babies and forcing me to get my butt in gear. So, let me present to you . . . . 

a monthly calendar and weekly to do list, 8.5" x 11" (download here)

a monthly calendar and master goal list, 4" x 6" (download here)

a weekly to do list, 4" x 6" (download here)

a master to do list, 4" x 6" (download here)

 . . . . and, last but not least, a flexible three month planning calendar, 8.5" x 11" (download here)

Hope you like these! Fingers crossed I follow my own advice and get myself back into the swing of things pronto. :)

In the meantime, happy weekend!

p.s. Notice how I am burning the midnight oil in the photo at the start of this blog post? I make up for late night with confetti, though, so it's all good!


  1. best calender ever! again... ❤

  2. Found your blog while searching for a to-do list. Noticed it goes all the way back to 2008. Need. more. time. A million thanks :)