I have written about Ok Go's crazy music videos before. This group is incredibly creative, both musically and visually. There color palette, costuming and choreography are on point. But, seriously, my mind is BLOWN but this latest video for the single 'Upside Down & Inside Out'. It was shot entirely in zero gravity. No special effects. Enough said.

Learn more about Ok Go here.


I am totally digging the graphic, chromatic paintings of Wyoming artist Andrew Faris. How cool is his decision to photograph them in contrast with the natural landscape? Major fan, all around.

Check out more of his work on his website here (and his instagram (swoon!) here). I particularly like these glass and spray paint works . . . .

(thanks to swissmiss for the tip!)


Well, folks, it's 2016 and that means it's time to get my butt in gear around here. I have gotten several pointed emails from dedicated readers (cough, mom, cough cough) asking me when in the world I plan to return to my O.I. duties. I think I have finally managed to settle into the routine of a full time job again, though (silly me) I have taken on a lot more side projects than I planned to . . . so free time is still a bit of a mirage.

Nevertheless, I am happy to report that I have accomplished one major to do list item in recent weeks: I have reworked my annual free calendar and to do list printables for your downloading and organizing pleasure (see 2014 here and 2015 here)! I know these yearly docs have some major fans out there, so I knew I couldn't let too much 2016 time go by before delivering them to you. So, without further ado, here are this year's offerings! (Click on the descriptive links to download.)

 . . . a weekly to do list and monthly planner in 8.5" x 11" format, ideal for desktop goals and big ideas . . . 
. . . a three month at-a-glance planner and goal list in 8.5" x 11" format, just right for getting through the semester (or just until the weather breaks!) . . . .

. . . . a monthly planner and goal list in 4" x 6" format (printable on blank index cards in your home printer!), just right for nailing down your #squadgoals and vacation plans . . . 

. . . and, finally, a weekly planner in 4" x 6" format, perfect for storing in a notebook, sticking on your fridge, taping to your door or really anywhere that helps you remember the 8 million things you are supposed to be doing (basically, I am saying put them everywhere!).

Hope you like these guys! Let me know if there is anything else you would like to have in this group and I will do my best to whip something up. Here's to a happy, healthy and obsessively organized 2016!


As if you needed another reason to love either A) Sir David Attenborough or B) Adele's gorgeous new single, Hello, this video will have you smiling in no time. Totally random, but sure to make you happy on this otherwise boring Monday.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Earlier this year I wrote about Emily McDowell's hilarious line of birthday, wedding and baby cards. Well now, as a cancer survivor who knows all too well how hard it is to comfort someone going through a truly tragic occurrence, McDowell has launched a new line (actually her second such line; the first launched last year) of cards that get to the heart of the matter, providing support in a humorous yet heartfelt way. Battling my own health issues this summer, these cards really resonate with me in their unabashed takedown of all the lame (and sometimes just downright wrong!) things that people say when what is happening to you is so overwhelming (and often foreign to them) that they don't know how to comfort you even when they want to quite badly.She calls them empathy cards. And not only are they funny and honest, they are also beautifully illustrated with McDowell's characteristic handwritten typography. Check them all out here; next time you get tongue-tied by tragedy you can rely on McDowell to help you know what to say.(Thanks to A Cup of Jo for the tip.)


Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Halloween! I meant to include the DIY project above—colorful Halloween candy garlands by The House That Lars Built—in the roundup on Wednesday but forgot. Making up for it here!

I have been accumulating lots of fun reading material for you and, on the off chance you are like me and planning to hibernate over the next several days, thought it would be fun to list it all below. Enjoy!

A Young Man's Follies. A touching glimpse into a stranger's life (and beautifully laid out, too!).

Made me smile: #notonappstore.

A fact every minute. Perfect to stock up on dinner party conversation starters.

Finally, for those in the New York area, some excellent shows closing after this weekend:

*apparently I like artists named Robert?!


My family have never been particularly big on Halloween, especially the spooky-scary side of things. But the amount of clever, chic and downright fun DIY Halloween projects that are making the blog rounds this year may have me singing a different tune. Full of bright colors and googly eyes, it seems that these projects are pushing for a sillier version of All Hallows Eve than previously possible. Count me a fan!Here are a few of my favorite projects to help you have the most happy-goofy holiday yet.ONE | funny felt eyes from oh joyTWO | monster candy buckets from tell love and partyTHREE | pastel pun-kins from studio diyFOUR | polka pumpkins from design love festFIVE | fluffer nutter cookie pops from bakers royaleSIX | spooky spiked shirley cocktails from almost makes perfectSEVEN | a googly eyes party from oh happy dayEIGHT | ghost emoji balloons from aww, sam
Any projects I missed? Let me know in the comments! And Happy Halloween!