Why is it that every single card I find irresistible these days is made by letterpress?  How can I get my hands on one of these things?  More importantly, how can I afford one/fit it in my little apartment?  The cards above are some of my Etsy letterpress favorites.
  1. Bike Lady Picnic, jules128
  2. Alphabet, sweetbeets
  3. Its Not That Far Really, rarrarpress
  4. Secret Message, paperedtogether


Do you ever wish you could go back to being a kid again?  On crappy days like today (I walked for half an hour in the pouring rain - with my hero boyfriend albeit - to pay the Harvard U. Police $600 to get back my towed car), I wish I could just lie back in bed and look at a pretty mobile twist and turn above my head.  I really like these from MobileTots - check them out here.


"Deaf is an interactive exhibition with art objects from all over the world.  The pop-up gives a three-dimensional experience of the objects.  Because the exhibition is too dark, the book also functions as a map with signs with the title of the art work and the name of the artist."
OhYesCoolGreat is, in fact, a very cool two-person Dutch design team.  My favorite piece in their portfolio is this beautiful brochure created for what must have been a sweet exhibition.  I wish I could have a copy to play with!


It has been waaaaay too long since I have baked anything.  Almost a month!  So, this little Martha Stewart contest looks pretty appealing.  Particularly because I checked out the entrants and I am pretty sure my favorite-now-perfected Gingerbread Butterscotch cookies could kick their butts!


Just a little something to make you smile: last week 1,500 students in Belgium filled a square in Leuven and attempted to break the world record for simultaneous Mentos and Coke explosions.  Read about it here.  I love the look of the matching blue rain ponchos.  Too bad I wasn't there to join in the fun!  I wonder if they any of them had a walrus mustache . . . 


Jon Klassen is the creator of the site "Burst of Beaden" - an awesome conglomeration of his paintings, drawings, and films.  WIth a very wry sense of humor and a sharp eye, his work is kind of irresistible . . . . check it out here.  Did you notice the "Asparagus" poster?  "Night of the asparagus!  He's loose!  And he's steamed!" Hahahaha.


I just discovered (buried in my bookmarks folder) Alyson Fox's website!  Clean, elegant, simple - it showcases her work perfectly.  Highlighting her drawings, illustrations and photographs, check it out ASAP here.  Her drawings kind of remind me of Ida Applebroog, no?



The Keep Calm Gallery has some very very lovely work - all at (relatively) affordable rates. Here is a selection of my favorites (which I hope to be gracing my walls soon!) from top to bottom:
  • "Keep Calm And Carry On" $36
  • "Vacuum" Alyson Fox $90
  • "Birds" Alyson Fox $90
  • "Make Your Own Path" Douglas Wilson $44 (made on his collection of antique maps)
  • "Get Lost" Douglas Wilson $44 (made on his collection of antique maps)


If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with organization.  I become giddy when purchasing little boxes, labels, or cases.  Not surprisingly then, I LOVE (as in, I want to buy an armload of these) these "large zip toiletry bags".  The patterns are pleasantly irregular (the lines look hand-drawn but parallel) and the color choice is impeccable.  I pretty much want the blue and white pattern all over my house.  Does Hable make bathing suits?  Not yet - but wouldn't that look cute?


What better way to up-cycle than with this stylish trash can?  Designed by Hommin (Hong Ming Chen, a designer based in Sweden) he tries to "simplify and twist the daily object which has the potential to be a little bit better" .  Now all you have to do is find some plastic bags worthy of being on display and being thrown away . . . 


Q: What makes me happier than learning that Flight of the Conchords cd packaging is just as clever as their HBO show and songs?

A: Nothing! (Well . . . . maybe chocolate).

The Flight of the Conchords (affectionately known as FOTC to their hard-core fans) have recently released a new, beautifully designed, pop-up-including, colorful cd.  Screw iTunes and buying the cd online - buy the real thing, available here, just to have the packaging!

Photos via The Scoop.


20x200 is an online gallery/art store that follows the following formula/mantra:

large editions + low prices x the internet = art for everyone

The guys at 20x200 put up two pieces a week for sale: a photograph and a work on paper.  Each of these pieces is sold at three different prices points:  8.5"x11" (Edition of 200, $20 Each), 17"x22" (Edition of 20, $200 Each), 30"x40" (Edition of 2, $2000 Each).  Check it out now - the work (at least the cheap work) goes fast!


A bright, beautiful collage for a bright beautiful day.  Buy it here through the Etsy store brandistrickland.


My lovely Mom was visiting yesterday, hence no posts.  We had a nice little jaunt to Crate&Barrel (there is only one in my home state of Connecticut and it is about over an hour from our house) and a tasty dinner - all in all a very nice evening.  This morning she had an interview downtown - knock 'em dead Mom!  Also, posts may be slower for a little while as spring hits Boston hard and makes it difficult to be inside.  And, as a side note, I am obsessed with Showcase's show "Weeds".  I love the main character Nancy - she is so neurotic and adorable and real!  Not to mention her son is hot . . . . Watch the episodes for free (though illegally) here.

I love this photo by "fine little day".  Anyone know what this piece is?  I know this is MOMA, but I was there a month ago and they didn't have this up . . . . Yummy!

I love this "hoop.dee.do" bulletin board series from Etsy's littleprettystudio.  decor8 featured them yesterday and, of course, nearly the entire shop has been cleared out.  Grab one here before they are all gone!


Today Boston was consumed with the celebration of Marathon Monday.  My neighborhood was full of amazing, celebratory, supportive fans enjoying the race and the beautiful weather.  I was really moved by how kind everyone was: the clapping was non-stop, the signs were adorable, and I saw more runners high-five passing fans than I have ever seen at a road race.  All in all an incredible way to spend a morning.

Photos via boston.com.



I have added some fun new Mother's Day cards to my Etsy site.  Check them out here before they are gone!


Darren Booth has been creating quite the buzz on the blog circuit recently!  His work - both typography and illustration - has been featured in major publications across the country and is, well, downright beautiful.  I love the fact that his work, though extensive, is entirely unique and instantly recognizable as his.  Check out his website here for more delicious inspiration.

Left to right, top to bottom:
  • Bark Hunt
  • Dropcaps
  • New Halo
  • Quotations
  • Green Gables
  • Billboard


Crane's Paper Company is trying to save the art of letter writing (yes, people, it is definitely an art)!  Hosting a competition (ending May 1) stemming on "Letters You Save" Crane's is asking people to send in their most memorable letters - because every person dedicated to the art of letter-writing has that box of letters in their closet.  Whether they be love letters, travel postcards or dictations of daily life from your Grandma, if Crane's likes them you could win between $250-$500 in Crane's stationery.  Yummy.


This is the most creative advertisement for a dentist I have ever seen!  The teeth become pull-off tabs with the contact information of this Maryland dentist.  Found via Old Glutton.


Jen Gotch is super cool.  She has two uber successful blogs: becoming a foodie and polaroid.  She is getting a ton of press from other bloggers right now for both of them.  She has rooms and rooms of beautiful things to photograph.  She also returns emails, writing me an amazingly nice response to my nagging questions about her camera and technique.  All around awesome.  But be careful: her blogs are very addictive . . .