This is just my kind of project: part art-focused, part literature-focused, all obsessive.  Since 2013, artist Corrie Baldauf has meticulously chronicled all 2,900 references to color in David Foster Wallace's magnum opus Infinite Jest, all while tracking her progress on Twitter. Marking each chromatic notation with a correspondingly colored flag, the result is a beautiful fringe along the book's edge that opens to groupings of geometric shapes on the inner page spreads. I love the visualization of Baldauf's close reading through bright stripes of color and started to get curious about the rest of Baldauf's work . . . 

 . . . needless to say, the rest of her oeuvre is equally brilliant (pun intended)! Utilizing bold contrasting color as a medium all its own, Baldauf's work plays with a bevy of materials, processes and experiences. Plus, there is some sweet hand-lettered pieces thrown in for good measure. 

I highly recommend you check out Baldauf's website here.

(thanks to Hyperallergic for the Infinite Jest tip)

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