Well, hello there! Remember when I said I would try to post while I was traveling in Italy? Ha! The moment I stepped off the plane I fell head over hells into the glory that is gelato every day, pasta at every dinner, warm sunshiney days, and long evening walks through historic town centers and, well—surprise!—I completely forgot about blogging. Isn't that a sign of a good vacation though?

Finally returning to the real world today, I am frantically trying to catch up on all the media I missed. I found all kinds of delightful things I clearly would have shared with you if I had not been in a gelato-induced haze, so here's a quick round up for your perusal. Because you weren't really planning to get any work done today, were you?

Apple debuted new iPhones (I am due for an upgrade!) and, in a development surprising to no one, an Apple Watch. But I was most impressed with the hilarious Ikea catalogue parody of an Apple announcement above.

This crazy cliff-clinging house looks like a superhero secret lair, no?

I haven't spent a weekend in NYC since April (yes, April!), so I am excited to use this cool site to explore my home city.

Love. Animated.

A very important campaign: yes means yes.

I struggle with this all the time. Great tips for saying no  . . . now I just need another version for social occasions. Because, let's face it, mostly I want to stay home in my pjs with a pint of ice cream and my Netflix queue.

I just got back from vacation but I want to pack my bags and head to this cerulean paradise immediately.

Dominatrix in a NYTimes crossword? Sacrebleu!

If only I had had this handy tool on my trip, I would have been instragraming up a storm!

Tried and tested in Italy, new favorite gelato flavor is definitely coconut. This is the best brand buyable stateside.

Cell phones have ruined our sense of social responsibility.

I want to hang this on my wall.

Lately I have gotten back into yoga and I am really reaping the benefits. These poses would be a great addition to my practice, if only to offset the hours I spend everyday trolling the internet for blogger inspiration.

Obviously in Italy, I saw Vespas everywhere. I have new respect for them (though they are still terrifying, buzzing in and out of traffic, even when their drivers are in three piece suits!) knowing their cool history.

A fascinating design dilemma—how to show people texting on tv and in movies without pulling focus from the face.

Color coded photos, appealing to my chromatic compulsions in all the best ways.

I have so many fun things to share in the next couple weeks, including photo essays from my travels and recaps from the fabulous 60th birthday fĂȘte we threw for my Mom this weekend. Lots of stuff to look forward to, I can't wait! Clearly, I missed you guys. :)

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