I am frantically packing for my trip to Italy tomorrow (!) but thought I would take a minute to share some of the key items on my perfect packing list. As a frequent traveler, I can attest that having certain high-quality, multi-tasking items can make any plane, car, hotel, etc. into a cozy home away from home. Without further ado . . . 

An iPad mini, because I like to have reading options from newspapers to novels, at my fingertips, $399 

A pretty passport cover to keep your precious ID safe, $78

A simple, patterned scarf to wear around your neck, shoulders, or as an ersatz blanket on the plane, (bonus: it goes with everything!),  $59.50

See-through packing cubes to keep all your stuff sorted (and compressed!) for easy suitcase stuffing, $38

Of course, a stylish and sturdy suitcase to pack it all,  $285

A fun sleeping mask to grab some precious shut eye on the plane, $12

And, last but not least, a comfy pair of pants for long car rides, lounging in your hotel room or just plain strutting your stuff, $79

Anything I missed? I would love to hear your must-haves in the comments! As I have mentioned before, I will be in Italy for two weeks (through mid-September) and will do my best to post an occasional update here and there. But don't be mad if I get caught up in gelato and cobblestoned streets and Renaissance paintings and forget to come back and say hi . . . For now, I will simply say: arrivederci!

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