Have you been watching the World Cup? As a sports fanatic, I have been watching the games non-stop and was, like all of America, heartbroken to see the USA team lose yesterday. Especially given the heroics of Tim Howard, our stalwart keeper, and the heart and soul the team had demonstrated in getting out of the group of death. But I was always so nervous watching their games (the Portugal match nearly killed me!) that it will be much more relaxing to watch the games from here on out since I am not particularly invested in their outcome (though I do like the Netherlands!).

Anywho, I saw this beautiful project by Maan Design Studio that involves the creation of abstract, patterned stamps in the national colors of all 34 teams in the World Cup and thought it would be fun to share. While it is sort of hard to determine which design accords to which country—since so many flags feature the same primary colors—the linear interplay and minimal visuals still make for a gorgeous result. I particularly love how the project logo has been designed to look like a post office cancelation mark; when you scroll through the stamp images it looks like each one is being cancelled in turn. Very clever!

See all of the images here and learn more about Maan Design Studio here.

(from top to bottom, countries represented are: Argentina, the United States, Korea Republic, Greece, Colombia)

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