I spied this short film on swiss-miss today and knew I had to share it. Times New Roman is a source of great debate in my household: my husband, a lawyer and traditionalist, quite likes the typeface; I myself, a contemporary art historian and mid-century design nerd, rather despise it. No matter which camp you fall into, I am certain you will enjoy this video created by The Times, the very London newspaper for which the infamous typeface was created over eighty years ago, as part of their wonderful Unquiet Film Series.

p.s. Apologies for the profusion of short and sweet (video-oriented) posts of late. I am still (still!) writing my dissertation chapter and dealing with a slew of computer problems, so it has been hard to hard to keep up with my normal blogging habits. But not to worry, I am filing away a ton of great ideas, projects and stories to share so once I get my draft done and my tech fixed I will be back in the swing of things, no problem!

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