I have professed my love for Baggu here on the O.I. over and over (exhibit A) but I am not sure I have ever talked about how much I love Baggus for traveling. And what better time than now, while I am 'out of the office' for two weeks on the west coast? I love taking two or three standard baggus in my suitcase since they prove so useful. They are cute enough to take with you when you go out but sturdy and indestructible enough to sustain heavy wear and tear at the beach. Plus they clean super easily and pack flat! Win win!But you know what my new travel-related Baggu obsession is? These 3D zippered pouches! They come in various sizes and colors and are perfect for packing everything from dirty laundry to cosmetics to shoes. I just bought 6 or 7 of these beauties and I can tell you—they have been lifesavers for keeping me organized on this extended two part trip.See more of these babies (priced between $8 and $12) here.p.s. Bonus discovery! Baggu now sells on Amazon, meaning Prime membership will deliver Baggu to you in two days flat. Boom! 

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