Guess what, guys? As you read this the handsome hubby and I are headed on a plane to Hawaii! Huzzah! We will spend a week there helping a dear friend ring in his 30th birthday and generally getting some much needed rest and relaxation. I am very much looking forward to escaping New York—which still feels beleaguered by some dastardly cool weather given it is now officially spring—and basking in some surf and sunshine. I am contemplating taking a surfing lesson, where I will surely make a fool of myself but not so badly that it can't be fixed by a delicious cocktail afterwards, right?

After Hawaii I am headed to Los Angeles to do a week's worth of research for my dissertation. Never fear, though, I will still have a handful of fun posts (many appropriately travel themed) scheduled to keep you occupied while I am gone. It will be almost like I never left!

Until then, aloha!

(photos of Hawaii above by the super talented Max Wanger)

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