In honor of April Fool's Day and all things hilarious, here is a quick round up some fabulously funny things I have stumbled across recently.

Amy Poehler, as always, is amazing in the outtakes of this Old Navy commercial.

The Ballad of a Wi-Fi hero is so dead on, except for me it's my fairly luddite husband calling in the cavalry for help. :) Also, the music and graphics are perfect.

Jimmy Fallon's lip sync battles are epic and hilarious. Also, news flash: Stephen Marchant can booty dance! (Also, this clip with Paul Rudd is not to be missed.)

Another thing I have to mention, while I am on the topic of funny: the new show on Comedy Central called @midnight is gut-bustingly funny. It's pretty much the only reason I don't feel insanely bad about going to bed at 1am on the regular. This clip with the cast of Community—another guilty pleasure of mine—sums up the awesomeness of the new show (wouldn't seem to embed properly, so you will have to go to the link!).

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