This is such a cool project! It proves that Paris has an almost spiritual connection to art and culture unlike any other city in the world. Created by French artist Etienne Lavie, it's called OMG Who Stole My Ads. What does it entail? Well Lavie selectively replaced the advertisements on billboards and signposts all over Paris with beautiful reproductions of canonical paintings from the annals of art history. Suddenly that old cell phone ad—which you hurried by on your way to the metro—is subsumed by Delacroix's heroic and inspirational Liberty Leading the People (coincidentally owned by the Louvre). And the metro billboard which used to feature waifish models prancing about in expensive clothing, now boasts buxom beauties in shimmering robes in the form of Fragonard's Rinaldo in the Garden of the Palace of Armida. Much better, right?I love how this takes public art to a whole new level, literally brings masterpieces to the streets. Unfortunately the images above are only mock ups; Lavie actually photographed the street scenes and then photoshopped the paintings in. But oh how lovely to have it executed in real life!Read more about the project here and see more images on Lavie's website here.
(thanks to My Modern Met for the tip

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