My friend Sheryl pointed me towards something amazing yesterday: Air New Zealand's creative (and totally hilarious) safety videos. Wouldn't you be much happier listening to that boring stewardess speech over and over if Richard Simmons were actually delivering it (in sparkly spandex of course!)?

But it turns out Air New Zealand has not stopped there. It seems they have hired a suave charismatic spokesperson (or should I say spokespuppet?) too, named Rico. Here he is laying down a track with Snoop Dogg. Yes, that Snoop Dogg. Who is wearing an All Blacks jersey, so he must be a true Kiwi right?

See much more of Rico's funny escapades at the Air New Zealand YouTube channel here.

(And while these are not jokes, I thought they were an appropriately zany way to kick off April. Happy April Fool's Day!)

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