I was super excited to see swissmiss's post about Proust recently. Proust is a new service meant to help us learn new things about the people nearest and dearest to us. Who was their first crush? What is their favorite food? What would they do if they won the lottery? You can answer these (and many more) questions and send them to friends and family to answer. Then your answers are compiled into a digital book where you can add photos, videos and links. Pretty cool, no?

So, as a bride-to-be, I got to thinking that this idea would be great to addition to my wedding website. Wouldn't it be fun for the bride and groom to each answer some of these great questions—first impressions, first date story, favorite thing about the other person, etc.—and then have our friends and family answer similar questions about us? Speaking with the lovely Sarah, Content and Community Manager at Proust, she has informed me that some the advanced features I am looking for, which would enable me to drop this feature right into my site, are not yet available. But she noted that they are working towards making the 'books' of the compiled answers publishable in hard copy form. Wouldn't that be a great thing to have at your wedding? A book of wonderful stories about the happy couple, told by all your favorite people. Amazing.

Learn more about this great new service and sign up for Proust here.

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