My sincere apologies for being missing in (blogger) action recently. I have spent the last six days in the sleepy town of Woodstock, Vermont with my boyfriend and his family blissfully disconnected from the outside world. Days were spent hiking, swimming, reading and eating ungodly amounts of delicious food. On rainy days I even worked on a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle: a pastime I had not had time to enjoy since summers off from elementary school.

To get to the point of this post, evenings in Vermont were spent eagerly watching the epic cycling challenge known as Le Tour de France. For those of you who are not as cycling-obsessed as I am, this year's Tour was a nail biter, with the winner of the yellow jersey only decided by a matter of seconds on the final day of the month-long race. It was also Lance Armstrong's last time competing in the Tour, after having announced that he will retire this year with his record-breaking seven wins. Accordingly, his sponsor team Radio Shack launched an incredibly clever and funny ad campaign that played non-stop throughout the competition. It features Lance talking to his "assistant" the bumbling but sweet 'Alphonse'. These ads are so good they almost make me want to shop at Radio Shack for something other than an obscure car charger or 9 volt battery.

My personal favorite commercial in the series, however, is definitely this one. Hilarious!

Hope you like them! Back to regularly scheduled posts tomorrow!

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