This week's 'In the Classroom' presents one of the most famous graphic design companies of all time: Push Pin Studios and its founder Milton Glaser.


Push Pin Studios was founded in 1954 by four graduates of the prestigious art school Cooper Union: Milton Glaser, Seymour Chwast, Reynold Ruffins and Edward Sorrel. For nearly twenty years Glaser and Chwast directed this burgeoning counter culture studio whose style was eclectic and inventive, using antique illustrations and integrated typefaces. To promote their style they came up with a unique solution: a brochure mailed to potential clients that featured found texts on everything from George Bernard Shaw to Teens and Bikers. Over the years the name of this publication changed--The Push Pin Almanack, the Push Pin Monthly, The Push Pin Graphic--but the lasting influence on young designers, particularly in the wake of the sharp modern Helvetica style, has remained even today some fifty years later. See more at Seymour (accidental homophone, I swear!) Chwast's website here.


After two decades of success at Push Pin Studios Milton Glaser decided to go out on his own. In the several decades since he has become a graphic design super star, designing the iconic "I ♥ NY" logo for the the New York City board of tourism. He is also a master of fonts, book jackets, and music posters including the famous Bob Dylan poster seen above. Despite being an octogenarian Glaser is still going strong, continuing his design practice and keeping a wonderful sense of humor (his website lists three biography choices: brief, medium and interminable)!

Check out his beautifully designed website for some inspiration and a lot more information here.

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