Zsuzsanna Ilijin is an AWESOME designer/illustration based in Amsterdam.  I am not sure where I got the tip to check out her site, but to that blogger in the know I am eternally grateful.

While Zsuzsanna does silkscreen and poster work as well, my favorite pieces in her portfolio are her uniquely themed couture maps.  These works make the viewer reconsider our preconceptions of other countries on a range of topics - language, culture, population density etc.  The three below are my favorite, although there are a lot more goodies to be seen at her website here.

The World-City-Skyline
This map explores the fact that half of the world's population lives in cities by overlapping city skylines to create of a world entirely made of cities - all enmeshed together.

Hello Map
This map focuses on the different ways to say "hello" in each and every country, with each language written in its own typeface.  This map (not surprisingly) was selected to receive the "Certificate of Typographic Excellence", be included in the Type Directors Club Annual Publication, and exhibited at the 54th Awards Exhibition in New York in June.  Wow!

Ranking Map
This map is not explained in detail on Zsuzsanna's website, but it seems to provide different (graphic!) world rankings for countries.  I love the cover!

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