Sissel Johannessen was featured a while back on the type-based blog Serif (where else) and I instantly developed a major design  crush.  Sissel's work is fresh and fun - the Post-It note font (seen on the left; each letter is cut from the standard square yellow Post It note and is blocky and swiss-cheese like) and the posters for a scary movie festival (Blood & Popcorn; the posters cut to the heart of the movie: Janet Shower Knife, Johnny Axe Door) are the right combination of sass and cleverness.  Truly lovely stuff.  Check out more at Sissel's website here.

p.s. I also like the "About" section on Sissel's website.  It reads, "24 years old.  Brown hair.  164 cm.  Shoe size 38.  At the moment 47 freckles.  10 short nails and a pair of glasses."

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