I am sorry I have been away.  I had a lovely weekend at home hanging out with my family, seeing old friends, and all in all being weirded out by the fact that everything had changed (at my high school) and nothing had changed.  Isn't that always the case though?  Anywho, I have a crazy busy week and apologize in advance if posts are few and far between.  As a little tease, please accept this post with a portion of my wishlist for books (from top to bottom):
  1. Lines & Shapes, volume 2, Lines & Shapes
  2. Modern Dog, 20 Years of Poster Art, UPPERCASE Gallery
  3. 20th Century Pattern Design, UPPERCASE Gallery
  4. Thinking With Type, UPPERCASE Gallery
  5. Petite Pattern Books, UPPERCASE Gallery
Can you tell that I like the UPPERCASE Gallery?  Probably good that it is in Canada, or else I would be tempted to walk in and buy everything in the store!  Although they do sell online . . . .

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