Recently I stumbled something amazing. I may be the last person onto this trend (given their millions of views already), but have you seen the performances of Postmodern Jukebox? It's a musical group organized by band leader Scott Bradlee that reworks popular songs—by famous folks like Meghan Trainor, Queen, Miley Cyrus, etc.—with a big band style. Now you can hear the Guns N Roses hit 'Sweet Child of Mine' in the style of New Orleans swing or Macklemore's catchy 'Thrift Shop' with a ragtime beat. As someone who has seriously eclectic taste in music, I love hearing many of my favorite songs remade in some of my favorite classic genres. The arrangements are incredibly well done, almost seamless, with fabulously talented vocalists. Once you start up on PMJ's YouTube playlist here you likely won't stop. I have included some of my favorites above to get you started but I can guarantee there is a lot more musical fun to be had.

Learn more about the group on their Facebook page here and about their tour dates on their website here.

p.s. They even cover cartoon theme songs. Awesome!

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