Did you guys see Apple's official announcement of their new watch yesterday? As a devout Apple lover, I have been following news of this cool new 'wearable' closely. I am still not sure they have the most stylish design—I don't love the boxy face of the watch—but I think they have a lot of cool functionality built in that would make owning one really fun.

Not only can you order the watch in three different band styles (there's even a solid gold version which will be $10,000+!), but the watch itself can do a ton of useful, exciting tasks: check your messages, use Apple Pay, serve as a boarding pass for flights, check Instagram, track your health, hail an Uber car, talk to Siri and much more (like telling time, ha!). 

This may be a scenario where waiting for the second generation is a wise idea, but even so, I look forward to actually seeing one of these in person starting April 24. 

Learn more about the watch on Apple's website here (and the things it can do on Time's website here).

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