Wow! Occasionally you stumble across an art installation that seems both astoundingly complicated and shockingly simple. The Floating Flower Garden, an immersive interactive piece created by Japanese art collective teamLab, is just one of those instances.

Remember the Rain Room? Well Floating Flower Garden draws on the same idea: thousands of flowers are suspended from the ceiling and when you walk into the space they move to dynamically accommodate you, basically allowing you to walk in a constantly fluctuating cocoon of flowers.

I am sure the result is something other-worldly, magical and delightful smelling! Too bad the installation is on view in Tokyo . . . . I think it would look spectacular in the Park Avenue Armory, don't you?

Learn more about the project here.

(Thanks to Colossal for the tip.)

p.s. Here's a similar (and also gorgeous!) DIY version, in case you have to try this yourself!

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