by austin rhee for photojojoI got an email announcement from Photojojo recently (my favorite) announcing they are now offering limited edition engineer prints taken by professional artists. How gorgeous is this shot from Austin Rhee? (And only $35!) What are engineer prints you ask? Basically they are big, inexpensive prints created at copy centers with a streaky black and white effect. And they are all the rage right now!I started thinking about all the cool things people have done with engineer prints . . . 

prints on sale at photojojo
You can get a custom print done at your local print shop or, of course, at Photojojo.

faux newspaper articleYou can make a super cute faux newspaper print for a kid's room or birthday party.

minimalist headboard with engineer printYou could make a serene landscape into a minimalist headboard.

kids portraits printed in engineer prints

You can use adorable photos of your children as larger than life decoration in your living room or nursery.

wall mural from engineer printsTired of this lingering winter weather? How about a tropical wall mural?

wrapping paper from engineer prints

Or, a personal favorite, how about some specialty wrapping paper?

The possibilities are endless! What would you do with an engineer print? 

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