When I was on Pinterest recently I stumbled across a mini trend: decorating small spaces in this fabulous dalmatian-style dot print. I love polka dots but this organic take on it is spectacular!

So, I thought I would start a new installment of 'My Dream Home' featuring none other than—you guessed it—polka dots in all sizes and, apparently, shapes! I know, what took me so long?!

sources: spotted bathroom, spotted entry (painted with a stencil!), spotted bookcase

Click through the link to see more spotty goodness!

Of course a traditional entry looks incredible with an elegant grid of black and white dots . . . 

Playing with scale works nicely too! These experimentations with tiny spots in irregular placement and huge circle grids can really open up a room or make a major impact.

Of course you can get even crazier! Draw your polka dots on a chalkboard wall—then you could go big or small, irregular or gridded, depending on your mood! Or how about a cluster of gold decals to draw interest to a sunshiney corner in your house?

sources: chalkboard bath, gold decal living room

And you know what's a sexy version of the polka dot trend . . . ? Leopard print! Throw it on a wing-backed chair or an ottoman and you've got yourself the perfect mix of chicness, attitude and irreverence.

sources: leopard armchair, leopard ottomans

Can't commit? I hear you! (I'm a grad student living in a tiny NYC apartment—change is drastic and scary around here!) How about these mini dotty updates to add a little pattern into your living room, dining room, office or kitchen?

Last, but definitely not least!, why not add some polka dots to your lawn! This is a kind of crazy idea, but I am totally down with it. Particularly with the ultra modern mid-century facade of the house—all straight lines and angles—the round pavers look really fun and cool.

Where else would you incorporate polka dots into your home? I am tempted to try all of these, though I know my husband would go cross eyed with all the pattern!

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