Guys! Guys! Remember me? Yeah, with the state of my brain right now I barely remember myself. This month I have about 5,000 pressing school deadlines (a lecture, fellowship applications, catalogue essays, editing and designing another catalogue, plus a draft of my second chapter! phew, I'm tired just typing all that out!) and my life feels like a beehive with so many thoughts buzzing around I am starting to feel a little dizzy.

But I am pushing through! And you know what, when life gets this busy the very act of checking things off your list (especially when you are proud of the results) feels so good. And you know what else is good? This super fabulous fabric installation in Tokyo by French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux.  I love the movement of these colorful strips as they blow in the breeze. Its what I imagine my brain looks like at this very second—full of an excited jumble of ideas that (with a little patience) will straighten themselves out. You just have to wait until the wind dies down.

Read more about the cool fabric installation, entitled 100 Colors, here.

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