I am back in action today, recapping our Italian adventure bit by bit for you. After visiting Lake Como, we headed out to the Dolomites, a gorgeous craggy mountain range in northeastern Italy. We spent one glorious day hiking there in a spectacular place called Alpe di Siusi. Alpe di Suisi (also known as Seiser Alm in German—they speak Italian and German there since it used to be part of Austria) is a gorgeous verdant valley ringed by sharp grey Dolomite peaks. There are dozens of fabulous trails to explore, connected by cool ski lifts and mountain top eateries.

Not surprisingly I took billions of pictures on our five hour hike and, for your viewing pleasure, I have included my favorites (with limited commentary, the scenes speak for themselves!) below. Enjoy!

Cows roomed all over the valley, their bells clanging melodically. Occasionally, some of the larger milking cows would take a break in the middle of the trail and you would have to side step them. Different from New York City, huh?

The night before our hike there were wild rain and hail storms in the tiny town we were staying in; up in the mountains that rain translated to a gorgeous dusting of snow. Set against the brilliant green hills, the combination was breathtaking!

We stumbled across this gate—with colorful ropes blowing in the breeze—about halfway through our hike. I know it's probably a way to keep the animals from crossing the gate, but I couldn't help thinking it looked like a perfect mini art installation. It was so simple, but aren't the simplest things in life sometimes the most beautiful?

Before descending back down to our car at the base of the valley, we took one last look around at this panoramic scene. I have to admit, it was hard to tear ourselves away—who could leave that view—but having these photos helped. Plus there were still many more Italian adventures to be had! More on those in the coming days. . . 

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