You know how Pinterest can be this black hole of inspiration, where you start searching for something on a whim—in my case modern quilt patterns—and hours later you look up from your screen with quilt piecing patterns burned on your retina and a lingering confusion where the afternoon went? Yesterday I fell head first into that black hole and came out with these pattern-perfect quilts that will, hopefully, search as my muse when I endeavor to make my first quilt this winter (I will do it, gosh darn it, even if it seems overwhelmingly complex!). Even if you are not a craft nerd like me, I have a feeling you will appreciate these beauties. Take a look with me, will you?

the pattern of the quilt above was derived from computer code!

I love the color and traditional-cum-modern pattern of this example.

Love this bolder take on a sweet crib quilt.

This simple, fresh design was based on a Society 6 print. Cool!

Again, modern yet classic, this quilt is full of bright orangey goodness.

Or go even bolder! This pattern reminds me of Charlie Brown!
I love the use of ombre in this girls quilt, proving feminine can also be modern and cool.

I am dying over the colors in this example. So pretty!

This cross pattern/plus pattern baby blanket is AWESOME. Very grown up without losing its playfulness, don't you think? 

Grey, mustard and yellow are always an elegant combo. This triangle patterned piece is no exception.

Last but not least—this one is my favorite of the lot—is this chic orange, coral and B&W number. I think it would look fabulous on a bed with tiny white and black polka dot sheets, don't you?
p.s. Feeling quilty? Previous quote about my favorite quilt patterns here.

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