This weekend I went to a (free!) concert on the green in my hometown of New Haven, CT. I have been going to this concert series for years and have seen some awesome acts—like Ray Charles, Little Richard, the Roots, Dave Brubeck, and more. This weekend is was one of my favorite throwback hip hop groups: Salt-n-Pepa! I have never seen any place so placed with people dancing, smiling, singing and generally having a blast. It was a really cool experience. If you are ever in the New Haven area in the summer, check out one of these concerts!

Anywho, listening to all of Salt-n-Pepa's killer hits from the late 80s and 90s reminded me of this fabulous site: The Nostalgia Machine. Basically you put in a year and it pops out all the hits from that time, including their music videos! Instant throwback! Go check it out; trust me, it will instantly call to mind some major memories.

Hope you had a great weekend too!

(top video from my instagram feed, check out more here)

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