Anyone who knows me knows I hold a few things dear in this life: family, good food, stripes, polka dots and maps. I love all things cartographic: maps, charts, globes, everything! So for a long time when I have envisioned my dream home I have pictured it to heavily include maps of all shapes and sizes in the decor. Like how great are these map murals? I am drooling over that bathroom, especially with that oversized gold mirror. Swoon!

sources: topbottom

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I think big maps look especially great in kids rooms with other bright decor. (Jordan's red bunks are fabulous!)sources: topmiddlebottom

Even muted maps work well, particularly in bright, sunny or cozy spaces.

sources: topmiddle onemiddle twobottom

Or what about straight up black and white! How fabulous is that old school globe design?

I was even surprised to find myself drawn to gallery walls of sequentially framed map sections. I think it looks very chic partially hidden behind a sofa or headboard, don't you?
sources: topmiddle, bottom

I have also seen a bunch of rooms that use an overlapping collage of smaller maps, either in matching tones or as a bold eclectic mix, depending on the room. You could easily DIY this from pages from an old atlas, if you can bear to cut it up (I always have trouble with that part, ha!). sources: topmiddle one middle twomiddle threemiddle fourbottom 

And the idea of a graphic silhouette or line drawing is cool too, no? Apparently it has to be in navy blue and white though, haha!
sources: topmiddle onemiddle twobottom
And, if I somehow manage to chicken out, there is always a big, vintage-style school house map, right? 

sources: topmiddle onemiddle twobottom
So, what do you think? How should I embrace my undying love of maps in my dream home? And what to do with my growing globe collection (that's a post for another day!) . . . 

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