This week I read about some crazy and deliriously exciting new technology: 3D pens. What does that mean? Well, these fabulous instruments are pens that dispense a synthetic polymer (aka a specialty plastic) literally in the air as you write. With them you can draw in three dimensions. Is your mind blown yet?

Apparently MoMA Store already has one in stock (how did I not know this, given my obsession with that shop?), but this prototype by Lix on Kickstarter looks even more amazing. The pen seems so sleek, cool and easy to use that my mind is having trouble computing all the crazy technology it must hold to be able to effortlessly 'print' your drawings in real time as the video above shows.

No wonder the project has received over ten times its funding goal—this thing looks like magic.

Anyway, if any of my nearest and dearest happen to be reading this and happen to put in an order in anticipation of a future gift-giving event I would be ecstatic. (Hint, hint!) And should you want to grab one yourself, you can head over to the Lix Kickstarter page hereAs Tina, the lovely 'swiss miss' said, imagine the possibilities!

(My only beef: I wish the people in the Kickstarter video would look at the camera! Reminds me of this  2011 debacle.)

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