What are you up to this weekend? I am attending a Friendsgiving with all my favorite college friends on Saturday and then having a holiday spectacular day with my hubby on Sunday. What's a holiday spectacular, you say? It's basically an epic day of holiday shopping, sightseeing and snacks that we do every December. In my mind it's almost as exciting as Christmas itself! 

We also got our tree this week (above), so decorating it is on the top of our list this weekend (that and sending out Christmas cards, photos of those to come!). What are you up to? Anything festive?

If you are laying low and looking for some fun distractions, check out these fun things:

I want to put these on every holiday package I wrap this year.

I just signed up for this class; so excited!

Clampersand. Love it!

How to recognize the work of famous painters; I don't necessarily agree with these tricks but they are funny!

Pretty gift list; I'll take one of everything, please.

Keep the grammar police at bay; check out these helpful and clear tips.

What a nice print; perfect for a city girl.

These videos are making me drool.

Happy weekend, friends!

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