Recently I have been sprucing up our apartment. Ever since I quit my job, my schedule has been incredibly flexible, allowing me to stay home and completely rearrange the cabinets in our kitchen on a whim (which I did last Wednesday, haha) just because their layout was bothering me. It's all about productive procrastination, right?

Anywho, I have started compiling a mental wish list of furniture, artwork, etc. that I would add to our apartment if I had the money or space. One category at the top of the list is beautiful, minimalist tabletop sculpture. I love the idea of putting a simple piece on a side table, book shelf or credenza; it seems like a simple, elegant solution to decorating.

And a great resource for lovely small sculpture turns out to be Dwell Studio, a modern furniture and home goods website. I am particularly in love with the gold bar sculptures (each about $375, find them here and here), but that 'urchin' piece ($24-$38) would look great on a dresser and the black cubes ($125-$150 each) could look cool on a bar or as a centerpiece on a dining table. Check out all the cool stuff at Dwell Studio here.

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