I don't know about you, but every once in a while I find myself feeling a bit unmotivated. Daily tasks occasionally strike me as necessary but painful (who really like emptying the dishwasher or writing a paper?) and something I would love to delegate. Similarly, I sometimes find it hard to keep focused and keep pushing towards my ultimate goals when they so frequently feel so far away. Does this sound familiar?

Well one listen to this incredible speech by nuclear submarine Captain David Marquet has put all that in perspective. Having turned his boat around from the worst ship to the most efficient and productive vessel in record time, he shares one major message: greatness comes from leadership, and leadership starts on an individual level with intentionality and investment in the project. It's a simple thing with great consequences. Invest at all levels—both with your colleagues and yourself—and reap the rewards.

This is a fascinating (and beautifully illustrated talk) that is well worth its ten minutes! I highly recommend it!

(thanks to swiss-miss for the tip)

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