I'm back from three blissful days at the Cape! This entailed countless easy hours at the beach, an amazing drive-in movie experience and lots of tasty meals with friends. What more can you ask for from a mini-vacation?

On the Cape one of my shutterbug friends was rocking a sweet 50mm lens on his camera that inspired me to rekindle the 'Savings and Loans' series. The prime lens allows for an incredible play on depth of field, with beautiful portraits that blur in the background. At $216 (see here) it is a bit more expensive than I feel I can buy on a whim, but wouldn't it be nice to tote along to France for dreamy shots of my hubby?

And what better way to pack that lens than in a gorgeous leather camera bag that looks like a chic purse and not another tech-y lens case? I have had several camera bags and never end up using them because they always scream 'I am a tourist! I have no style!' Well I just discovered ONA, a company that makes deliciously high-end leather and waxed canvas camera bags that are seriously stylish. At $319 the Palma (above, see here) is muy expensivo but oh how lovely it would look with a trench coat on the streets of Paris . . .

Are there any big items on your wish list these days? Let me know in the comments!

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