Have you visited the O.I. in the last week? Well you may have noticed some technical difficulties. It turns out my account was pseudo-hacked and my domain name ( was temporarily disabled. What a pain! But thanks to some savvy advice from a Google-wise friend and some technical wizardry all is back to normal! I appreciate your patience. It's been a crazy time here at O.I. HQ, as I just finished my doctoral exams (I can now officially call myself a PhD! Only my dissertation left to go!), quit my job and am trying desperately to get my apartment back in order. Lots of change but also lots to be excited about.

Anyway, my computer troubles reminded me of the great quote above by the graphic design genius Saul Bass (whom I have written about before here and here). And, in turn, reminded me of the amazing Google Doodle from May 8: a tribute to what would have been Saul Bass's 93rd birthday. Google Doodles always strike me as pretty clever—wouldn't that be an amazing job to design those?—but this one really captured the bold, graphic forward-thinking designs created by Bass.

Don't you agree? See all the whole impressive archive of Google Doodles here and learn more about Saul Bass's beautiful work here.

And thanks again for bearing with me! I've got some fun things planned for this summer so I can promise it will be worth it.  :)

p.s. Still don't get my obsession with Saul Bass? Check out this video; it's a simple, clear introduction to the ongoing influence of his work.

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