What are you up to this weekend? I am pretty much on lockdown here. It's supposed to rain in New York and I working on a two-week take home test for school—the last assignment I have to complete before I can officially call myself PhD ABD (all but dissertation).

Whatever you have planned, here are some fun links to tide you over until you can get them started.

Aren't the dominos above beautiful? They could make me pick up the game again!

I need to get myself a new coffee table/desk. Thinking this, this and this tutorial could be good.

How pretty are these dish towels? They would look perfect framed and hung on a kitchen wall!

Always looking for ways to keep track of my to do lists. This idea could be good.

I can't decide if these are totally cute or a little lame. I bet they are comfy though!

The perfect father's day present?

Totally making this tonight. Yum!

My college art museum is doing amazing things. I wish I still went to school there!

This is pretty funny. :)

A super fun DIY with spectacularly beautiful results.

How to conquer that email mountain.

I just started doing this yesterday. It's a doozy!

Simple, effective tips for better photos.

Just bought this top (not the bottoms!) and I am in love.

So excited to see this glowing review of a stupendous show. Bravo, Carter and Nick!

Have a lovely weekend! I will see you back here next week.

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