Another week down—only three weeks left until my exam. Ah! As I type this there is a beautiful coating of snow building up outside my window, so I am trying to take that a sign to stay positive (and stay inside and study!). Hope you had a lovely week. Here are some fun links to tide you over while you hide out from the wet weather.

A Brillo Box poof, I am sure Andy would have loved it!

This looks chic and effortless and I want it.

Map + Felt = Magic.

Big news in the museum world.

These are very pretty. I think they would perfect hostess gifts, no?

I really want to meet Colonel-in-Chief Sir Nils Olav or encounter a grumble of pugs.

There is some great graphic inspiration over at Present & Correct.

I will take a K, thank you very much.

Diagrams make a big impact (including the color chart!).

A boy and his bunny, reunited!

It pays to be happy, so smile!

These would be perfect to keep my crazy life (with all its crazy stuff) in check.

All the girls in my office have these and they look great on everyone.

I am obsessed with these cheeky paper dolls: Downton Abbey characters and the boys from the show Girls. Yes!

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