In case you have been living under a rock (or live overseas, I suppose), I am here to remind you it is election day! And with this year's Presidential race as tight as ever, I hope you all will be exercising your rights and hitting the poles today to cast your vote, as these amazing illustrations from the tumblr site #GoVote encourage you to do. Lamely, the timing of changing my last name (post-wedding) precluded me from registering to vote under my new name in New York in time to weigh in on this election . . . sad! So I will have to live vicariously for you all and hope that all goes well!

On a separate voting-related note, do you remember what you learned in your eighth grade social studies class about the electoral college? You probably remember that it is important to the outcome of the race but not the particulars about how it works, right? Well here is a beautifully illustrated little video that gives you a tidy recap just before the poles close.

Happy Election Day! See more beautiful #GoVote designs here.

(Hat tip to swiss-miss for the tips here and here)

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